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Title: LED, SMD Lights and Fiber Optics
Post by: Logan67 on May 27, 2017, 07:12:57 PM
LED Lights:

Here is a great sites for buying LED lights (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, or larger, pre-wired, Flashing, Steady-on, Flickering - great for thruster effect).

Ebay seller: colorfulplace888
Seller from Hong Kong, best prices-cheapest, large selection, great service and fast shipping (usually ships to USA in 7-10 days).
Seller will include resistors (see listing) with all LED he sells. If you are going to connect to a bigger power source.

SMD lights:

( (

Ebay seller: 24-online*2013
Seller from China, large selection, best price for quantity your buying. (Usually ships to USA in 10-14 days)
I have used SMD for adding lights to Gundam eyes and sensor lights.

Easy to wire SMD to magnetic wire.

Utube site: Steezy

*Made this jig and it makes it 100x easier to soldier SMD to magnetic wire.
Using helping hands with the jig helps a lot.
I usually use helping hand to hold the wire in place to solder to SMD on the jig.

Fiber Optics:

Seller: me80

Seller in USA, California, fast shipping

Some items I have included in my kit builds. I have fiber optics in 1/48 jet plane build for instrument panel lights and marker lights on the planes.

He has a large selection of fiber optics in various sizes - and colors.

All my other items for adding lights to kit build I have bought on Ebay - cheapest prices and usually fast shipping from Asia.
Dip switches - on/off switch
battery connectors
magnetic wire
resistor - usually get them free with LED purchase