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Title: New to the hobby, some questions
Post by: MacroJoe on July 03, 2017, 01:49:15 PM
Hi all.

I am thinking about getting into the hobby. I grew up wanting to get into Warhammer. But never did, and I think it may have been that I loved the models but didn't like the game they went with. So I figured I will get some models and make dioramas. I loved looking at the WW2 dioramas all the hobby shops had when I was kid.

I picked up some Warhammer models and the paints the said I need to get, and gave up pretty quickly when I figured I suck at painting. I now have time to get into the hobby and practice the techniques and find some time to enjoy all of it, but have no idea where to start. And the suggested paints for the Warhammer stuff is never enough so going that route again doesn't seem appealing.

So looking around I found that there are some sick dioramas done with the Mecha models. And this has got me wanting to go down this path.

So what I would like to know is:

1) How many paints do I need?
I know it is a lot, but is there a sort of set colours and things that guys start with. I pretty much only have access to the Humbrol paints. So if you guys have a few colours from them that you could suggest that would be good. As my technique gets better and I want to start adding rust and other fancy finishes I will start adding to my paints.

2) Are there models that don't come painted.
I can't seem to find any so I need some guidance on that. I wouldn't feel comfortable repainting something that looks good and end up with some crap quality home job. I would also prefer ones that require glue. And that aren't pose-able. Similar to the Warhammer type stuff. I don't like the snap together stuff. I have built lots of unpainted WW2 models.

3) Are there Youtube channels you could recommend.

Thanks for the help. I know the paints question is subjective and depends on the models I get. I am just trying to work things out roughly in my head before jumping in and over spending on things I don't need.

The end result is that I would like to build small dioramas, make my own bases and backdrops, and be able to make the models look more "battle worn". I also enjoy using putty to customize some pieces.

Thanks if there is anybody who can help even a little. I just need some direction on where to even start.
Title: Re: New to the hobby, some questions
Post by: rockpopandchips on July 05, 2017, 08:32:48 AM
First off do not be put of by snap fit kits, they are not the revel kits from the early 80`s.

Go order some Bandai 1/144 HG kits or some of the Bandai Star wars kits (they have some amazing details for there size) the cheaper the better put then together and just have a go, these kits can be had for 5-10 each if ordered from Japan direct.

Get on YT and type in Gundam tutorials there you will find loads of stuff, Ghost of Zeon and Those Gundam Guys would be a great place to start.

Have a look at this,

And most of all have fun with it.

Other peoples work I can recommend you have a look at,  Squee over on Gundamforms, AndyRM101 and Will Vale both on Britmodeller. Andy`s work is just outstanding and have a look out for GoodGuyDan for super clean build, his work is very very nice.

And most of all have fun with it.
Title: Re: New to the hobby, some questions
Post by: MacroJoe on July 05, 2017, 12:26:18 PM
Thank you for the response.

I have been watching some Korean youtubers. I will check those others out.

I do think maybe I came into this with the wrong idea. And was expecting something different. I wanted the kits to be exactly like typical model kits, all one colour all glue together. But it seems with the mech kits that they are actually intended to be build it yourself toys that kids then man handle. And the real hobby is taking those toys and making them something special. I like that. And the cheaper prices seem very reasonable for that reason.

The possible joints still get me. But after some thought it may be beneficial. I could always pose them how I want and use putty or Green Stuff to fill in around the visible joint areas and turn them into statues.

I am actually more excited now to see how I do with this. I was a bit pretentious about it all, but looking around has opened my eyes to how fun it actually is going be.

The paint situation is also better than the Warhammer stuff. There is tons of colours that go onto those models. It seems you can get away with 4 or 5 colours on a mech.

Thanks again for the response. I really appreciate it.
Title: Re: New to the hobby, some questions
Post by: rockpopandchips on July 06, 2017, 12:08:33 PM
No problem.

Another things to consider is resin kits, Ok they can be a lot of work and are much more interesting (difficult) to paint as most are fixed and you have to mask all the details in, these mostly come as fixed figure types or replace the out armor of the kits. Have a look on G-Systems shop or E2046, there are lots of other.

Look up some of the Five Star Stores resin kits they are truly amazing, with astonishing details.
Title: Re: New to the hobby, some questions
Post by: MacroJoe on July 06, 2017, 12:48:45 PM
Thanks, I will check the resin kits out. They sound like they may be more what I am after.
Title: Re: New to the hobby, some questions
Post by: 1972lt1 on September 11, 2017, 09:25:24 PM
Painting Warhammer and Gundams are two different animals,I do them both. I personally prefer Vallejo paints, Citadel (games workshop ) keep changing the formulas. Vallejo is also coming out with a line that more resembles Gundam colors. As for the Gundam kits, don't be put off by the fact that they are snap fit. Bandai is really amazing in their production process,  and the quality and fit. Look up the factory tour of Bandai on YouTube.  If you need Warhammer painting help, try the forums on  The people there are friendly and helpful.
There are fan made rules out there if you want to battle your gundam on a tabletop like Warhammer.  We do at a local game shop. The buildings are made of paper or are from n scale train kits. Google Gundam skirmish for the rules and stats. And have fun!