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Title: The Mecha Lounge - House Rules
Post by: GundamUK on July 04, 2016, 11:44:25 AM
Welcome to the Mecha Lounge!
The Mecha Lounge forum is an international community for mecha modellers to showcase, discuss, learn and socialise.  Originally formed in 2012, the Mecha Lounge had grown into a huge community of modellers, but was taken offline in 2015 due to the popularity of social network based groups.

Over time, we realised that everyone's experience of mecha modelling communities through social networking lacked a 'community spirit', and the ability to archive important questions, tips and methods was lost, meaning a consistent repetition of questions that tended to frustrate a lot of experienced modellers. With that in mind, we decided to relaunch the Mecha Lounge. It's future success depends on you!

The Mecha Lounge will host regular giveaways and contests, as long as the membership remains active.

Please visit and post as much as possible, we want to encourage a helpful and most importantly, useful community for Mecha Modellers all over the world. Please follow these very simple guidelines when posting:

Karma: Karma is awarded by the admin team by each members discretion. It is a measurement of how we feel about each members level of interaction and general behaviour, but it not linked to any form of penalisation. Make of it what you like, and but do not take it too seriously. See it as an indication as to what you can expect from members. A very low negative is toxic imbecile, a high positive could be sycophantic goodie-twoshoes, and it is entirely subjective and will most of the time be not linked to any interaction outside of this forum.

The Mecha Lounge is not an exclusive club for a benevolent admin team, everyone is welcome to participate, debate and discuss. Understand it is the admin teams job to ensure the community remains lively without unwarranted, irrational, emotional, bullying or personal hostility towards others and action (to be decided by any administrator) will be taken against those who engage in such activity.

Being an active member of this community will have it's rewards! Thank you for participating. Let's make this the best Mech modelling community out there!