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Title: ThePlasticOne! Gunpla Furui School! Ultimate technique!
Post by: ThePlasticOne on April 18, 2018, 12:28:16 AM
Ahoy! I'm ThePlasticOne and I've been building Gunpla for most of my life. I started at the ripe age of 6 with a Rising Gundam (which I didn't know the significance of at the time, it was just a cool robot). I'm largely a UC modeler though I'm happy to branch out when I need a break. Since my fandom goes way back, I was a member of one of the original American Gundam communities: the Gundam Mailing List. I'm on a quest to find other members (I happen to be lifelong friends with two of them) so I'm expanding my Gundam social media presence.

My all-time favorite design, which is nearly as old as I am, is the GM Command. I currently own at least twenty of them in various forms, including the new MGs. By extension, my favorite series in both design and story is 0080. I think my next favorite has to be Build Fighters, I just love the spirit of it. I'm generally more interested in background and grunt designs and the stories I can create around them. I would rather build something totally non-canon than adhere to a strict replica.

I also model offroad vehicles and Star Wars ships and figures. Basically, grungy mechanical stuff.

This gon' be good.