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Title: MG Destiny Gundam
Post by: WarMachine395 on May 16, 2018, 03:15:10 AM
So I've been working at this for the last week, I've kind of given myself a due date of May 24th, because I would really like to take this one to a hobby show that following weekend.

That said I've got some plans for this one, I've grown to dislike the massive backpack that is so common in SEED so I'm going without wings for this one and I'd like change the proportions a little bit here and there. I'm getting a little bit of inspiration from the Barbatos/Demon fan-art variation of the Destiny that floats around all the time.

So Destiny has clown shoes, so I chopped them 3mm shorter and I intend to add some claws to wrap up the feet. From there I would like to extend the fore-arms by a little bit. I've had it in may head that I would try doing scaled armour again as well.

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Title: Re: MG Destiny Gundam
Post by: Ryuken 76 on May 16, 2018, 09:14:47 AM
Looks like you've done a ton of work,interested on seeing how it turns out,good luck mate.