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Introductions / Hello! A little introduction about myself.
« on: July 30, 2017, 02:18:47 PM »
Hi guys its Mo! I just got approved to join the lounge and I would like to introduce myself.

I've been on this hobby for two years now and is planning to stay for longer time.
I mostly delve into Gundam kits, but recently I've gotten interest on Tank models as well. I've never had a custom built Gunpla and never joined any competitions either, but I do like Airbrushing my kits and sometimes changing the colours to suit what I like. right now, I'm working on multiple kits (RG RX 78-2, RG GP01, two RG Zaku II, HG Land Man Rodi)  getting them snapped up first, since I just moved and I lost all my supplies, although I'm expecting my supplies to arrive sometime in August so I can finally get back in action and then back to Airbrush. I don't really have a specific line that I focus on I try and build all kinds of grades, but I've never built a Perfect Grade before (Soon!  ;D ). I included pictures of my 3 top kits that I've worked that I think is the best out of all the stuff that I've done.

In real world, I just graduated earlier this year from College(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science), but right after graduating I got into an accident and broke two bones on my left leg in half and I just got out of rehab few weeks ago, and I'm still in recovery (Thank Gunpla, I'm not bored). After I recovered I plan to look for work but still continue building Gunpla!

I do look forward on being part of this community!

Here is my top 3 kits that I think stands out the rest of what I've done.

My MG GM Sniper II


My HG Kimaris Trooper

P.S Shameles Self Advertisement!
I do have a Blog ( and Youtube Channel (, please do check some of my work from there! - I'll be sharing stuffs here too!

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