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Works in Progress / MG Zeta Plus S1
« on: January 22, 2018, 01:05:26 AM »
So this is my entry into the Gunpla Builders Association's 2018 Cannon Fodder Contest. I'm starting with an MG Zeta Plus A1 Test Type, and I would like to mod it into something of a sniper type, not entirely unlike the C1, but maybe a bit more robust or aggressive looking. I'm going to be scrapping the idea of a transformation, adding things that won't work in wave-rider mode. I have an old S-Gundam I'll be parting out in the course of this.

To start with I've robbed the S-Gundam of its main weapon for the Zeta Plus. I've added front skirts and new side skirts since I didn't particularly like the beam rifle side skirts from before.

Next up I want to remove the v-fin and replace it with something more Delta Plus.

Showcase / HG Kimaris Trooper [Speed Build]
« on: December 22, 2017, 03:55:21 AM »
Its taken me forever to get this flat coated and then to actually take photos of this and the
Gusion Rebake that I built for a speed build, pretty sad considering that detail.

Anyway now that its done I'm pretty pleased with the results, I made them as a kind of
matched set to go with the Hyakuri I built previously.

Showcase / HG Gusion Rebake [Speed Build]
« on: December 22, 2017, 03:50:00 AM »
Its taken me forever to get this flat coated and then to actually take photos of this and the
Kimaris Trooper that I built for a speed build, pretty sad considering that detail.

Anyway now that its done I'm pretty pleased with the results, I made them as a kind of
matched set to go with the Hyakuri I built previously.

Works in Progress / HG Kimaris Trooper [Speed Build]
« on: October 21, 2017, 01:23:48 AM »
Hello out there!

This is the time stamp for my second speed build this season, a HG Kimaris Trooper. At this point it still doesn't look like much, but I plan to have it all tied up in the next 48 hours or so.
So to start of done some of the basic stuff, I've done away with the rear skirt and the most egregious of seam lines: the entire length of the lance. The lance alone was probably far more time consuming than any part.

Works in Progress / HG Gusion Rebake [Speed Build]
« on: October 13, 2017, 10:46:28 PM »
Hello out there!!
We've just started a speed group build over at GE, but I'm still going to be sharing here as well.

Anywho, at this point it doesn't look like much, but the plan is to have this look like something cooler in the next 72 hours...
So here is my time stamp for the beginning of the build.

Showcase / Hyakuri Bastion
« on: September 11, 2017, 02:41:45 AM »
So this is my completed entry into StryderPrime's 2017 Summer Contest, I've named it Hyakuri Bastion.
Which I think may be a slight misnomer at this point after all my revisions to the original plan.

Anyway per my original goal being to build a ground pounding variant of the Hyakuri that could at the very least stand on its own feet, with a little inspiration from the Graze Ritter.
It feels like I got that done pretty well, overall I didn't win or even place but that' honestly perfectly fine, I had a lot of fun building the kit and I think its a pretty unique entry on my shelf.

Works in Progress / HG Hyakuri Bastion
« on: July 24, 2017, 01:49:08 AM »
This is my entry into StryderPrime's summer contest, so with the rules to contest being that you can only use non-gundam frame IBO kits
I've settled on building with a HG Hyakuri that I already had on hand.

My plan is to shuffle around the parts to create some sort of ground-pounding variant of the Hyakuri. So a big part of that is that I want a version that can stand on it own without a display base so it'll have to be slimmed down considerably in the back pack area. I've really only worked on the torso and up so far. but I've borrowed some ideas from here and there the Graze Ritter being one specifically, so sticking with that knight theme I think I'm gonna call it Bastion.

Showcase / RE100 Efreet Space-Type
« on: July 10, 2017, 02:06:38 AM »
It has taken me a long time to write this, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this kit after the happenings of the last two weeks. This kit was always intended as my entry into IAGs 2017 contest; I didn't place or anything like that but I think I still had a lot of fun participating in the contest.

I had been at home visiting my family and painting their house for a few weeks during the middle of the contest  so when I got back home I put a rush on finishing it up in the span of ten days or so. I got right down to the wire on finishing it, June 29th and the judging began on June 30th through July 1st.

I had friends visiting me on the 1st for Canada Day and I remember being out downtown lining up with two of my friends for a concert by Deadmau5 when I got a text from my mother at 7:57 PM. My grandfather had died the previous night of a heart attack in his sleep. I'm putting this all in writhing, because if I'm honest with myself I'm still struggling to process it. My grandfather was pretty supportive of my hobby even if he didn't particularly understand my fascination with my tiny robots, but he and my grandmother always came to check out my work at the local hobby show.

It honestly feels better having written it all out.   

So this just my take on what a potential Efreet Space-Type could look like. Initially I was largely inspired by the Kaempfer Amazing from Build Fighters and where this contest was themed after the "Meijin Cup" it felt like a good fit.

Anyway to get the right look, I've removed all of the hoses and what not (the poly hoses that were included felt kinda clunky anyways), hopefully their removal doesn't stick out too much. From there I did a fair bit scratch building; fuel tanks a shield and two rifles.

I had a little bit of inspiration for the colour scheme from Votoms, I've never actually watched the anime but I felt like the militaristic green and red would be a good fit. I tried to keep the weathering to an absolute minimum, just a few touches here and there.

Showcase / Kotobukiya KG-6 Sleipnir
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:50:46 PM »
Yet another Kotobukiya painted orange! this one even more so than the last one:
Like that kit I've built this for a local hobby show, CAMS 2017.

So I started this kit around this time last year, but never finished until just recently, it was a good mix of sheer laziness and that I just couldn't find a shade of orange that was a good fit. I did all of the prep work when I was working on it last year but I managed to lose the photos (or more likely just neglected to take any at the time).

Anyway, I have finished it up properly now; the orange is a New Haven Orange by Badger Flex, I had the absolute worst time trying to spray this stuff it supposedly pre-thinned but it wasn't spraying well so I then thinned it and it still wouldn't spray cleanly. Anyway the rest of my colour selection are the usual culprits Vallejo paints and pigments. I felt that this kit needed some really heavy weathering to make it fit in the show it comes from where its considered to be less than a grunt.

Showcase / HGLM Evangelion Unit 04
« on: May 08, 2017, 03:45:33 AM »
It took some work to get it done, but I'm pretty pleased with the finished kit. This was also my very first attempt at anything even remotely diorama like, and I'm pretty happy with how that turned out too. That all said I think there are a few things I could have done better, I really should have scribed the panel lines a bit deeper across the kit, just to make the lines pop a bit more. I also would've liked to build spears that were more anime accurate but they seemed like a bit of a nightmare to build properly.

Works in Progress / RE100 Efreet Custom
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:23:32 AM »
So, this is my entry into the IAG 2017 Contest, in my understanding its okay to share WIPs but people might copy your work so its kind of discouraged. But I like sharing my work so I'm gonna just post it everywhere.

Anyway, I decided to use the RE100 Efreet Custom I had just snapped. The theme for the contest is the Meijin Cup, so get some build fighters on! So the first question I asked is (having just watched Westworld) am I the villain or the hero? Villain, definitely villain, pretty much all my previous BF themed build look really villainous, and the Efreet really helps with that.

So at first, I had thought of combining the idea of the Kaempfer with the Efreet, but the bazookas I had scratched just didn't look right on it. So after a bit of thought BF again became the solution; Kaempfer Amazing: fuel tanks and weapon pods. The other bit that I changed up was to remove the rack of missiles from the legs, I felt like they really messed up the lines.

Works in Progress / HGLM Evangelion Unit 04
« on: April 22, 2017, 02:41:44 AM »
Now this isn't my usual kind of build but sometimes its just fun to have a real change of pace.
Anyway this kit is a gift from a friend, and I've been working on it through my exam period.

First up I've stripped off the chrome-ish paint, can't recommend Zep Industrial Purple enough for this it might have taken 30 seconds to strip the paint clean off all of the parts, and did absolutely nothing to the plastic.

I've scrubbed the parts down with some water too, just to clear off the final bits of residue, and I've been progressively sealing up the seam lines along the way.

I got it in my head at some point I'd like to have some spears to go with it, while they aren't anime accurate in the slightest (the real thing would be a real pain to scratch build) they could make for a decent looking stand-in for what I'm thinking of doing.

Showcase / RG Heavy Zaku
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:22:32 PM »
I had a lot of fun building this for Zakuaurelius' Contest, It was really cool to see all the completed entries earlier today.

Anyway my idea for this build was to modify my RG Zaku II into a what if? scenario of what a Zaku would look like if after the first conflict with Operation V in Side 7 Zeon modified a group of Zakus specifically for the task of killing the Gundam.

So this Heavy Zaku is the result of that, a high mobility close quarters MS for tackling the Gundam head-on with support from two other heavily modified Zakus serving as gunners.

Showcase / Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic
« on: April 08, 2017, 03:36:50 AM »
Had a lot of fun building this, it was a good bit of practice scratch building.
Anyway the whole thing is put together with polystyrene sheets and tubes and held together with magnets.
I kept sanding pretty rough to keep things really matte and finished with the paint as matte as I possibly could.
The paints and pigments that I used were all Vallejo (they're what my hobby shop carries).

And one with a RG Zaku for scale.

Works in Progress / Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:09:56 AM »
Just started my own Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic, anyway my plan is to represent a bunch of the features of the latest version of the Full Armour Gundam, from the Thunderbolt Anime and the original MSV Full Armour Gundam.

But the most important feature of the Gundam Ver Logic is its extremely logical box-shaped aesthetic.

I started with a relatively flexible 1.5" cube and reinforced that with an additional layer of pla-plate.

The next key feature of the brilliant logic that is the Ver Logic is its forward facing gun.

Next up are some key features of the Full Armour Gundam(s): the arm mounted weapons. First up are the extended forearm armour.

secure image upload

Then comes the double barrel beam cannon that it mounted on the right arm of both versions of the Full Armour Gundams.

That's where I'm gonna have to leave it for now, I need sleep.

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