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Author Topic: The Mecha Lounge, and it's future  (Read 294 times)


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The Mecha Lounge, and it's future
« on: January 23, 2018, 10:06:50 AM »
Hi All, a couple of weeks back I was tinkering with the forum to give ti a bit of a facelift, however I ended up mashing up the whole site and realised how fragile and archaic it really is lol.

Unfortunately, development for this forum software is slowing to a crawl, so I am in the process of looking for a new solution. The idea of this website is to provide the following:

-An easy to search index of tutorials, advice, resources and knowledge on mecha modelling.
-A place for modellers of all skills to show their work, and receive helpful, constructive feedback.
-A place for modellers to interact with each other, make friends, gain experience and have access to experts.
-A place for modellers to regularly compete, to push and test each others skills. To win prizes!
-A place that can be the number 1 website for mecha modellers to visit, worldwide.

I think it would also be awesome to have a rating system, similar to that which Modellers-G uses where registered users can cast votes. Monthly and annual overall modellers can win prizes of some kind.

Any feedback, suggestions or solutions much appreciated. The Mecha Lounge will continue to exist, but this forum in it's current form will be going. In order to meet all the objectives above it's going to take money, and it's going to take time and dedication. Any support you can provide as the new Mecha Lounge evolves will be much appreciated. It will not ammount to anything, without the support and interest of the Mecha community.

More updates will be added.


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