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Author Topic: MG Zeta Plus S1  (Read 91 times)


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MG Zeta Plus S1
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:28:27 AM »
So this is my MG Zeta Plus S1, I built this for the Gunpla Builder's Association 2018 Cannon Fodder Contest. So the theme was quite naturally to build a grunt or mass production suit, I settled on building the MG Zeta Plus A1 Test Colours literally because it was the only MP suit that I hadn't snapped yet. For my build, I have a serious case of MG GM Sniper II envy so i tried to style it after that, with a few changes to make it fit the Zeta Plus a little better and using some spare bits from the S-Gundam.

I've added front skirts and new side skirts since I didn't particularly like the beam rifle side skirts from before. I've changed up the main camera and v-fin assembly on the Zeta Plus. I've been tweaked the tail fin as well, I've cut a gap and added some movable fins on the tail.

Removed the seam lines on the rifle. The binders I've added a few extra wing attachments with laptop screws and magnets and a bit of 90 deg angled pla-plate to keep it up right.

Specifically scratch built a shield since the nose cone doesn't make sense when it doesn't transform and I wanted to bulk up the rifle a little bit too, because it feels a little 2 dimensional. I've added a guard over the hand.

So I've added some pla plate to the chest transformation parts so the head won't move down anymore. Removed the seam line across the side of the chest and then pla plated for good measure.

Removed the seam lines from the head and the face plate and added some fins to the head to give it a more aggressive look. Scribed some new lines mostly Danmo along the edges and pla-plated the shoulders. Removed the seam from the funny leg vents. Replaced the hoses on the backs of the legs with pistons.

For paint I used Vallejo Signal Blue, Sky Blue, Ferrari Red, Gunmetal Grey, Duraluminium, Jet Exhaust, Dark Grey Blue, and Medium Blue, and for the display base I used Vallejo Dark Grey, and Sea Grey.

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